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An Introduction to Anti-Trust

One of the first legitimately important things that law students learn during their time in law school is that almost everything laypersons think they know about the law is wrong.  Sometimes the wrongness is simply the result of a catchy urban legend, like the famous (and false) story of a Winnebago driver who went back to make a sandwich after setting the cruise control and then supposedly sued Winnebago for the resulting accident.  Sometimes it’s a combination of superficial reporting and a lack of time or desire to look into the suit closely enough to see that there is legitimate substance to it, as was the case with the undeservedly infamous McDonald’s hot coffee case.  And sometimes it’s simply the result of people not understanding that their middle school and high school history classes gave only a rather superficial outline of events because it’s not really possible to do more than that within the constraints of the class. Continue reading